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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Bismilahirrahmannirrahim..Good day to everyone..

It’s been a long time since my last post in English..well, I would like to proceed the ‘legacy’..hehe..Hopefully..well, how I wish that I would got the chance to speak and improve my English as well as my Mandarin language this
holidays..Unfortunately, I’m afraid that how I miss to speak that second language..

My holidays was filled with work..work..work.. So, I think my English was so lame right now.. ahakss.. okay, I want to talk about my outrageous headline – Dating?? Kahkahkah..Can’t you believe it?? Believe or not..Just some small, lousy post this time since my last post.I'm getting pretty sleepy right now..

To be honest, I just want to make it look ‘hot and spicy’ as well as exaggerating, conspiracy headline.. I don't care..hehe..The story began..Yesterday, Dilla could not eat dinner as usual we had together during recess time so this made only left me alone.. Then, I met Chuan Lee ( my male Chinese colleague) at the main entrance.. So, why not?? I asked him if I could eat with him as he seemed to eat alone too.. So, Chuan Lee and I ate together at Food Court BP Mall.. To be frankly, this is my first time ate with him..haha.. Usually, I chose to eat with my friends altogether.. well, to avoid ‘gossip’..hehe..hmm, this time, I took it as emergency..( ^-^,)

The end..My last word for today, KEEP MOVING FORWARD and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Daa everyone..

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