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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was the most exhausting day of my dull weeks..MySpace I had my co-curicular activities every Wednesday of course.. Usually, we had marching.. Plus, next week we have to bring wooden stick.. what ever they called it.. to do the stick-with marching.. hahaha..can't imagine it?? I wonder if we have to bring that wooden stick during the class..Hmmmm MySpace

To make it worst, the bus driver took us to Pulau Gadong at 7.25pm!!! My Gosh.. Its was late and Maghrib..Can't he realized that?? That why I hate it every Wednesday arrived.. We reached Pulau Gadong at 7.45pm.. Huhuhu.... However, I felt very pleasant to see Taman Bertam's 'surau' full with people.. Alhamdulilah.. Just felt envy to them because they had the chance to perform the 'jemaah' Maghrib prayer..

Miss that moment when I usually went to the nearest mosque with my roomates.. reciting the Holy Quran, listening to Maghrib 'usrah' and 'lepak' with my classmates until Isyak prayer begun..MySpace Subhanallah..

Okay guys, till then.. Next time, I'll try to post new entry ASAP.. need to go for the discussion group..MySpace Wish everyone a pleasant day..


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'aqila said...

ak ngah wat ni jan


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