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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Workout + Rainbows

Hmm, maybe it too late to post this entry at this early morning due to my condition of health.. Anyway, I just DON'T CARE.. this time I chose to write in English instead of BM like usual.

Well, nothing to tell about, my activities was just the same as last week.. However, I just got more two asignments and 2 presentation from my lec today! MySpaceHmm, plus this weekends I'm going to have some programs for 2 days. A whole day to be spent for! Aiyoooo, so boring...

Can't wait to end this whole things. I wish that I can go back to Batu Pahat as soon as possible.. Free from this mess.. Wish to clear my hazy mind right now..

Apart from that, have you all see rainbow before? Not one, but two!

SubhanaAllah, a magnificent things created by God..

At the end of day, I took pictures before going back to college

right after raining

p/s : Love rainbows..It brighten my day once again..


aira said...

sama plak cte cik pudding ni ngan si yellow..

pudding pie said...

hahahah..mmg ler lbh kurang
dah 1 tempat gak..

'aqila said...

aku pown de mek gamba!!!!

pudding pie said...

memang la.. pelangi yg sama..hahaha


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