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Friday, April 10, 2009


Although Easter Day just left in Western, but I find this little creatures really cute! Same like iklan Digi tue..Quack..Quack.. hehehe

For generations, little marshmallow Peeps have been a staple of children's Easter baskets across America. Find out what goes into making the little guys..

How Peeps are made

Inside Just Born, the manufacturing factory of marshmallow Peeps in Bethlehem, Pa.

Very interesting right?? Nyum~ love Marsmallow..miss it real bad..

p/s: I bet Qila want to have these cuz its yellow stuff..hahaha..Unfortunately, not available in M'sia la darling..


AkuAyie said...

yurmie! hehe

ファラ said...

biskoot ke ni?
wane aku jadikn biskot.
belikan aku satu jan.

pudding pie said...

to AkuAyie
sedap kot..hehe..
nme pun marsmallow

to Aqila,
marsmallow ataupun gula2 kapas
bkn biscuit la..hehe


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