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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Counting on days..

Askm w.b.t.h

For now, Ramadhan months in Hijrian calendars is nearly over and will reach on this Tuesday coincided with Gregorian calendars.. To me this is a rare occasions.. Hmmm.. well, until 1 night left to find the Lailatul Qadr in performing Terawih prayer.. Hopefully, people would not be too excited in celebrating Syawal months as celebrating the month of Ramadhan is more important than thinking about other things. Muslims must put Fasting ahead of Aidil Fitri. Allah has promised to reward all good deeds in the of Ramadan with handsome bonuses. We must grab this opportunity once a year. In encouraging His servants to achieve maximum rewards. Moreover, I would rather to spend my time doing good deeds then spending my money for unnecessary things such as buying new cloths.. As a muslims, we are taught to be careful in managing our spending especially remembering the needy ones.. SubhanAllah..

We all know that Aidil Fitri holidays is around the corner..Many students including myself will have a 1 week short period holidays.. yeay! Hehehhe.. Too happy ( who would never like holidays if u ask me! Hehe, sorry, too carried away..) I myself have experienced it for so many times.. Bought a bus ticket and straightly headed to my beloved home.. “Baiti Jannati” Really miss my family especially my parents (hopefully, her flu is over..aminn..), my bedrooms, books and of course my tempting bed! Hahaha.. However, in 2 weeks times after the holidays, I will sitting for the fateful exams which are more important.. hmmm, by the way, I need to remind myself and for those who will sitting for the final exams.. STUDY..STUDY..STUDY.. hehehe..
Hopefully, this occasions will gather any distant relationship among relatives during Adil Fitri Day as I can’t wait to visit my relatives’ s house which will make us recognize and know our family tree. Besides that, any misunderstanding and bad relationships must come to end as we must seek for other forgiveness besides God forgiveness.. InsyaAllah..

Before that, last Friday was my last class before going home.. Unfortunately, my class end at nearly 4 pm for Financial Accounting class with PM Ho.. huhuhuhu.. my beloved Melaka City Campus was nearly empty after 12pm.. It seemed that everyone end their class early.. While a few of my classmates rather ‘ponteng’ MR. Ho class. than attending the class. My classmates and I can only see them climbing on our Uitm Bus to MC..huhu.. my feelings was heavy with sadness.. envy in the air.. ahaksss.. However, I felt quite relieved because I don’t have to rush to reach home..hehe..

Until we meet again.. Last but not least, don’t forget to perform Aidil Fitri prayer on the 1st Syawal.. hehe.. To all muslims especially my friends and for those who knows me well, my lovely roommates, please accept my humble apologies.. Till then, “Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin”


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