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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best of memories..

Askm w.b.t.h.

This picture was taken when my roommates and I were pretty extremely boooooooring waiting for the bus to arrive..huhu.. just for fun and want to kept it as memories..especially our last day at campus before going back to home for Aidil Fitri holidays..really thanks to our beloved classmates fifi for taking those pics.. ^-^

When we r serious in thought.. r we??? Thinking of future perhaps..

Haha..this one hilarious..my..my..OMG

Anyone try to guess where r we? Hahaha...can’t believe it..

My roommates..

Some of my few classmates BBAM IA..u’all rawkss guys...hehe..luv ya

Why?? Why?? Anything happened?

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Anonymous said...

a big lengthy yet interesting.dont hv much time to read it all out, mb after xm...insyaallah.
a good way to spend free time ha!
keep up d good work!



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