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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tough week for me...


In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the All Mighty..

My adventure started on last Saturdays, 11 October 2008.. After my challenging test(wakaka =0 ), my roomates and I went to MP or stands for Mahkota Parade..By God's providence, we all reached there safe and sound..There, we had lunch(yoo, so expensive!!) huhuhuu..my money flew away.. Then, after that we headed to Dataran Pahlawan GSC to watch Kami the Movie. yeay!!! The story told about 5 bestfriends since high school..There are Ali, Abu, Lynn, Adi, and Sophie.. I think the casts had done a good job like any other experienced actor/actress..A big applause for them although they are still young in this industry.. hehehe.. what I like about this movie??? Hmm, frankly to say, the movie are a bit of funny (played by Abu who likes to steal and was abandoned by his family), conflict between Ali and his divorced family), complicated life of Lynn, lonely Adi and miserable bright Sophie(I guess!) hahaha..sorry if I'm wrong.. not good at critics people actually.. the end was a bit shock for me.. So touch and so sad!! huhuhuhu.. I don't expect it could be ended that way, but I'm not satisfied with the ending actually..perhaps there will be Kami the movie 2???

with my friends while waiting for the movie to start

Next day, Sunday 12 October..
I had co-curicular activities at Uitm Melaka at Lendu.. the activities are running for 2.5km, marching (in the middle of hot weather!! my face are burning.. lastly, went through running obstacle.. so tired!I got 'sengal2 bdn' x eh thn beb..huhuhuhu..
2 days in arow.. However, from this activities, I got to know new people and gain new experiences.. Alhamdullilah.. hopefully, I passed in this course.. Aminn..

after running obstacle..tired faces

Besides that, I have many test this weeks.. The most challenging for me was my hostel was haunted by the ghost!!! anyone who want to stay up at 2-4 am, will be disturb by the ghost(mahkluk Allah yg ghaib)..woooooooooooo..huhuh.. I hate it! My final exams is just around the corner.. I know that we must not fear them besides God.. I tried my best, can't concentrate if it happened like this forever..aghhhh, sooo tension.. someone, please tell me what to do..huhu.. I tried to recite Yaasin and Al-Quran everyday to calm.. Ya Allah, please gives me strength and guidance to pass and succeed in final exams..Aminn..Hopefully, I can do it in my exams..InsyaAllah..

Enough for now.. need to cope with my studies.. as well as my flu+cough+headache is haunting me..huhuhu..wish me get well soon okay..

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