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Monday, September 15, 2008

A misfortunate day..


Hmm, today was a miserable day for me... I woke up late without having my 'sahur' in the morning.. Usually I had 'sahur' before fasting during daytime because of my gastric.. Dun know why.. I kept waking up late.. tired perhaps.. well, I'd already set 2 alarm clock, but still woke up very late this few days.. hehe.. Besides that, I got my composition paper.. Low marks! compare to my friend and I, my other classmates got higher marks than us! I'm felt a bit envy and upset.. this b'cuz I helped him in his composition.. hmmm, doing good but instead got low marks.. Unfair! I tried to be calm down and took a deep breath.. However, it still got me in unpleasant feeling.. why? Why? I'm still cannot get what I already target.. Today, my day was filled with packed class and assignments need to be submit by tomorrow.. Plus, it ends at around 5.30pm.. huhu.. so tired!!!

Later, my classmates,including other classes and I had to wait for almost 1 hour for the bus to come and pick us! this was not supposed to happened as the administor promised that the bus will pick us on the time.. huhuhuh.. So, I let go my plan to buy food for breaking fasting at the bazar instead went to the nearest foodstall and bought some food while waiting for the bus.. Tension+Tired+Angry+Drowsy was filled in the air.. I hate to wait.. at the end, the bus came at 6.35 pm and I reach my hostel at 6.55pm.. alhamdullilah..finally.. I really hope that this will not be happen again..Happy Fasting!

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