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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The experience of breaking fasting..


In the name of God, Allah the Al-Mighty.. Hope that He will give His Blessing towards us.. This time, I want to share about my experience regarding on the breaking fasting at the Restaurant called Yong Tau Foo..
Have u'all heard bout this kind of food's name? Yong Tau Foo.. a type of food that gather all kind of food such as fish cakes, hotdog, vegetables, seafood.. like Steamboat.. Unfortunately, I was too carried away that I took almost all the food.. cost me about RM15.. (money..money flew away from me in my imagination!)haha.. at the end, I lost my appetite.. too full to dig more food inside my tummy..huhu.. My friends and I ate together gratefully with satisfied heart.. Alhamdullilah..
So,next time.. I will remember to take in a small quantity.. dun be greedy and remember the unfortunate ones who needs more food than us..especially the orphans and the poor people..

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