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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Exhausting day...


Today, my life was so horrible.. Let's say it was started from the beginning.. I had the most hateful day today.. This morning, I sat for my second test which is financial accounting 1.. huhuhuhu.. it was far from what I have imagined it before.. as usual.. maybe God wanted to test me today.. SubhanaAllah.. after all several day preparations, I had to accept it..I'm sure that I will get the worse result.. Oh NOOOOO!!!!!! Hopefully not.. ='( Soooooo stressed!!! Besides, I hate to see my classmates getting all outstanding result.. I really want to win over them.. Really hope that someday I will achieve my dreams.. InsyaAllah.. Anyway, I don't know why I hate Accounting, maybe just because I don't have any basic to go through this course.. Ya Allah, please listen to my heart.. I really need your guidance..
However, life must go on..

After the test, my roomates and I took the opportunity to go to the the Shopping Mall ( I assumed that for release my tension..hahaha..) not far from my City Campus.. fortunately, there was a great sale on the occasion.. my fellow friends decided to buy blouse for a reasonable prices while two of my friends and I planned to go to the Grocery department.. it took about 3 hours to wait for them..moreover, in this Ramadhan month with fasting.. by the way, one thing I learnt today, I learnt to be a patient person and knew the limit myself.. in other words, don't buy to much that cost so much of your money..hehehe..beware of that!

At the end of day, we reached home at 3pm by bus..Luckily, the bus driver sent us until the main entrance of my hostel.. Usually, we had to take 15 minutes to reach home..Cannot walk anymore..My legs are hurting me!! The weather are killin' me..What a fasting day..huhuhuhu..Alhamdullilah..yey..reach home..

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