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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Family Tree


While searching for any ideas to be upload in this blog, I remembered about my long distance cousin Kak Azimah email me about this website - 'www.geni.com' a few days ago.. Well, she invite me to add this unknown, unfamiliar account to me.. While I was pondering to accept it or not, this web was all about family tree

Well, to be honest, my family was bigger like anybody else..So, this website is an oppurtunity for us to know our family tree well.. As I wouldn't sure it myself so clearly, this website was helping me out.. hehe.. Lucky me..Alhamdulilah..Thanks to God..now I knew it better than before..I realized it was a precious info to me as we might know our late descendent, nearest relatives and intermediate families quickly.. This website also have all the facilities like myspace such as Inbox, Videos, Pictures, Comment and etc.. so it will not definitely made you boring to death! I hope so.. ngeh2

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