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Saturday, December 27, 2008

On Christmas Holiday


On 25 Dis 08 equivalence to Thursday, my friends that include (Dilla with Azwin) and I decided to go to BP Mall for window shopping! In the same time, I planned to return back my uniform to HR Pacific.. So, at 2 pm, we arrived at BP Mall entrance.. After returning the uniform, Dilla and I was so glad to see our senior cashier;Kak Azah (her face look such alike to her sister, Kak Mim, really!) we had chat and snapping some photos together..hehehe..gonnna miss her a lot..

After that, we strolling down whole Pacific ( well, so boring coz you worked there for almost a month..duh!) meeting some old colleagues..bla..bla..when nothing interesting and it cost very expensive to buy, we went to Hypermarket..located at downstairs..Unfortnately, my sandals ruined, so I bought new sandals and some merchandises to bring back hostel..meeting Reen for the last time.. saw my juniors handling their counter by themselves..huhu..really made me worried..well, not my problem anymore..Sorry for not saying a proper goodbye especially to Kak Anne..

By the way, Dilla asked Azwin and I to play Bowling..hmm, unfortunately, there was a long queue, you had to wait until your name was called.. despite to wait , we had a karaoke at KBox..hahaha.. there we had 3 songs..unbelievable.. I did that..then, Dilla got her bowling lane while I decided to search a pashmina for my class later..Actuall, I don’t really play bowling..hehe..I’ll try it sometime..InsyaAllah. Well, no luck in finding my pashmina..so I went home early after wishing farewell to my dearest friends, Dilla and Azwin..Hope to see you guys next year!


Azwin and I in Bowling Centre

Foot note : Due to all pictures we taken together was inside Dilla's digital camera, only this picture came coz taken by my handphone..huhu..so sad..


ani said...

cayalah! oooo main bowling x nak, amek gambao bkan main lg yek...
hmmmmm....nmpak cam dah kurus sket....

pudding pie said...

ye ker? hahahaha..mne der..
emm, mybe sbb penat keje kot..
pasni nek u, abes la..


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