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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Additional Reading Material


I just borrowed from my campus library (limited books..huhu ) before mid sem breaks..Guess what? I found this book which made me eager to read in the first place.. Hahaha..
Nowadays, I found out that I like to read Islamic novels type of reading material..

Before this, I used to read all kind of novels including Malays and English.. So, why not Islamic novels like Ayat-ayat Cinta & Ketika Cinta Bertasbih by Habibburrahaman El Shirazy
He was a talented novelist who made me keep on reading his book.
Okay, enough about that.. My latest book that I just borrowed was

“Salahudin Penakluk Jerusalem”

Hopefully, I could finish it by this end of mid sem breaks.Huhu..InsyaAllah.. My friends used to say,

“why bother to read this type of book??”

Hmm, with smile I answered them, “I think we should know our great2 ancestor especially Islam warriors rather than knows about latest artists & stuff like that”

“Plus, it just an additional reading material. Who knows it might be useful one day..hahaha”

I don’t care if they called me a nerd or what.. I think reading is a good hobby to spend your time wisely! Usually, I don’t like to waste my time.. I bring it anywhere as long I could read something.
Somehow, reading teach me how to exploit my ‘empty’ time. Regardless of how many you read or how much you spend on books, what it really matters is what you gain from your reading. This will make you a step ahead from anyone who does not even read a book per day.(pliz, don't be offended by me, jz saying okay!)

My favourites books on collection..

“ Demi Masa, sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian, kecuali mereka
yang beriman dan beramal soleh, dan yang berpesan-pesan kepada kebenaran, dan berpesan-pesan kepada kesabaran”



'aqila said...

ak nampak ko bace...
ko bole abeskn

pudding pie said...


phm2 je la..dok kt melaka mne leh bce sgt..
bz per..



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