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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Miniature Zen Garden

Askum w.b.t.h.

Its been a while since my last update..hehe..well, I'm back to fill my boring weekends! I tried to post any creative design or interesting creation for this blog every weekends. Just want to share.. So, here it goes..

Usually you'll see real plant in the vase right?? What if a miniature little garden on your desk or coffee table?? I find that this ideas from Kate was great for my quite boring, lame desk at home..huhu..
Hurm, should try these at home.. any instruction can see in this

p/s: Quite nice.. hrmm, love it!


AkuAyie said...

telur dinosaur!!!
hehe..kidding.. =P

pudding pie said...

telur punya miniature..
haha =P
eh, batu kot..


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