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Monday, June 29, 2009

Honbachi [Bookpot]

Feeling weird to hear this kind of name? Well, I let you know why.. As usual, this time I found this idea from Japanese inventor who had come an idea from the old Japanese books.. A brilliant idea to get rid an old book right?? Hurmmm, such a waste if you throw the old books into the dustbin, I tell you. WARNING!!! It works only if you use AN OLD, UNUSED BOOKS okay..Dun take any latest or your siblings books okay lalink.. hahaha.. naughty ^_^

So cute to decorate your house or table..I love it!!!

Via this link

footnote: Wish to have my own Japanese garden one day..hehe


Mussy said...

new thing!
juz nice..

Lovely06 said...

no pot anymore...
good idea..=P

Kay said...

Ske la..
Mne nk dpt buku tebal cmntu ek??

MaryRose said...

Suit for my table desk..hehe

eternity puthree said...

oh..how cute n creative!

~FaRiDzUl LaILy FuDzALi~ said...

ijan, dah tue..kalo siram pokok tue?
basah ar buku tue kn?

pudding pie said...

mestilah de precaution syg oit..
diorg mesti dah fikir solution before expose kt public tul tak??
aq sure de plastic nk cover

so, x bsh la


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