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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ink Calender

Hi everyone!

Hopefully this weekends brighten your day out! This week I show up another brilliat idea, "Ink Calendar" concept by Oscar Diaz. Utilizing the way the ink will slowly spread through a paper, this calendar is set up so that as the days pass, they are filled in by the ink!

What the trick anyway??

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz has designed a calendar that uses the capillary action of ink spreading across paper to display the dateEach month, a bottle of coloured ink spreads across a sheet of paper embossed with numbers, colouring them in as it goes.

Love it!!!

Source from THIS LINK


bEEdLE d' bARd said...

menarik la ink calendar ni

aCu said...

macm mane nak bace kelende tu?x pham deh.

pudding pie said...

to Beedle,
menarik lg tertarik!!!

to Acu,
actually, aku pun x bpe nak phm sgt la..hehe


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