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Thursday, September 29, 2011

TteokBokki (Spicy Rice Cakes)

TteokBokki (떡볶이) is one of the most popular Korean street foods. It's so easy to make that everyone can do it. If you're Korean drama addict, you will see TteokBokki in every Korean street food, I'm so dying to try them so I made it myself. lol, No kidding, I made my own version of Tteobokki (rice cakes) since no Korean stores nearby *sigh* Wish I live in the big city where I can access Korean or any other Asian groceries stores.

I made it once in a while when I'm craving it. HEHE. The ingredients are so easy to prepare. Although they're many version of Tteokbokki being made, I just simply choose what I have in my kitchen right now. The ingredients are basically rice cake, hot pepper paste, sugar, water, dried anchovies, green onions & fish cakes (options)

Let's get cooking folks! ^^

see my homemade Tteobokki. I made it from scratch huhu Thank God it looks decent enough

some optional ingredients you can add on (source:  google)

I'm stick to Maangchi version recipes ^^

1. Boils 4 cups of water with 7 large dried anchovies without heads and  intestines in medium heat.
2. Later, remove the anchovies. (notes: you can add anchovies stock but I love real ingredient). Add rice cakes, 4-5 tbs of hot pepper paste, 1-3 tbs sugar (optional to your taste buds) and your additional ingredients. Stir it constantly.
3. Cut some green onions and add them in tteobokki. Keep stirring until the sauce become thick.
4. Ready for serve!

(source: google)

Good Luck guys! ^^

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