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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 Days 1 Night.. Part 2

Still remember my short trip? 

Continue from Part 1 

It's been awhile since I came to see real sea lol so we decided to drop at Danga Bay ^^. Weather were in a good condition that day and we couldn't resist it. There was a nice breeze in the air and I could clearly saw Singapore from where we were standing. hehe Sounds good? Yesss! Found some families strolling down in Danga Bay where one of the cutest babies caught my eyes. ahhh so cute! *pinch cheeks* Yunno I know some of you might said JB has zero beautiful places to see (I admit that!) but its good to see some new places I've yet to visit. I actually rarely have a chance to go visit here. My visit were merely on business or short family outing. 

Took some pictures and we left after watching the sunset. The pictures came out nice, thank God I bought my new camera before that! Heh. =) At night, we planned to go to "Pasar Karat" located in the middle of JB City but the parking are full so we decided to grab some nice night snack, Tutti Frutti. Very expensive I'm telling ya but its delicious! 맛있어요! 

2nd Day..

So, on Sunday both of us went to my friend's house in Johor Jaya for her sister wedding. I have never seen her for ages! Fortunately, I've still contacted this friend after 5 years long distant relationship, she's in KL and I'm in BP. The one I can call best friend. My ex-dorm mate in Muar ~~ Aini ^^ I missed her so much lol (=´∇`=) Overall, my pleasant trip were fun but exhausting. I slept the whole night after that trip. hehehe 


It's time for Tutti Frutti ^^

p/s: my my I love travelling so much!

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