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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

friendship last 4eva....

Visiting my previous ex-hostel at Samura
with Aini

Being a teenager are always related to person we are close to especially our beloved family and friends. To me, friends are symbolized as a part of family besides our parents and teachers. We meet our close friends everyday. Sometimes, we hang out together having so much fun and laughter. One of my best friends are Noraini Bt Rambat. I still remember vividly how we met that day. She are one of my roomate in boarding school located at Muar, Johor. She came from Johor Bharu and have seven siblings.

During in school days, we are really close and she always helped me a lot in studies especially math subject(which I hate to learn & things get harder to understanding it!). Aini was a brightest student and understanding person I've ever met. Besides that, she is soft spoken lass and loves to smile. Sometimes, we will send sms or call for each other in leisure time. I really treasure her a lot.. Nnow, she is continuing her studies in Medical at UKM this year.. I really miss her so much as we can't see each other again for every single day...huhu.. Hope our friendship will last foever! Aminn..

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