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Monday, August 18, 2008

another day for me...


First and foremost, let us show our utmost gratitude to our Lord, Allah SWT for everything that He has provide us. Spreading love in this world beyond the horizon, He is the most worthy to be worshipped. Showering all of us regardless of religion and race with His Grace, that has made our life easier even at times He wanted to test us. Furthermore, lighting us the way to His path, guiding us all the time so that we don’t fall for whispers. And for forgiving us for all the mistake and sins we had done, I beg for His Mercy and may all of us stay in Islam all through our life, insyaAllah...It's been a long time since I wrote the last post.. anyway, as I'm in the mood of holiday( mid sem break had juz begin) I want to take this opportunity to write something..Alhamdullilah..Feeling a little bit tired looking into monitor for all day..hehehe... although a lots of assignment that I have to take care of..on no!!! however, I think my time are filled with such a useful knowledge which I got from this website.. http://www.iluvislam.com/..

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

If anyone is interested to find a useful tips, wandering fill in the air, or need an advice..just make a visit to this website.. I really like this web since the first time I opened this website.. Alhamdullah, God had sent me 'hidayah' and open my eyes about Islam and surroundings..Its makes me think about other things which I never think about it before too..

Besides that, I want to say about 'muhasabah diri' or introspection(if i'm not mistaken).. Let take a look back to ourselves rather than compare to other people behaviour; our attitude, behaviour, character,life and not forget the most important,our religion Islam.. Together, let us ponder on our beings; how much have we fulfilled our duty as His humble slaves in this worldly life? How far we have gone astray from His path and how which we could have done better in the past.. A little changes of ourselves can lead a bigger changes in the future..We might not know what is going to happen to us, so remember Allah to avoid doing sin or doing something that u will regret later.. hopefully, all of Islam followers including myself are beware and alert nowadays.. especially a lots of obstacles and challenges that we have to face every single day.. Allah is always give us a test to improve our faith and conviction towards Allah.. I wish that I could be a humble servant that fulfilled my duty to Allah.. InsyaAllah..

Although things may have gone pretty well, but I just miss something in my life and I am not sure myself what is it. Or maybe perhaps I just couldn’t admit it. Maybe, I miss the best moment with my roomates perhaps or my bestfriend, Nabilah and Noraini.. they are some people which I called them; the greatest bestfriend in the world..hahaha..they would gives me a pieces of their mind when i'm seeking an advices or sharing stories... sometimes I ponder about my emptiness in my life.. I remembered my friend, Nazirah told me that when we need someone to express our feeling or complain about problems or anything.. just refer to God.. He will listen and will always be there for us.. Be faith to only God and your life would be simple and easier.. InsyaAllaH..thanks again my friend for that reminder..

Times flies so quickly..I decided to let down my words for now.. As reminder for myself, "Time and tide wait fo no man".. Don't waste your time doing nothing useless..Fill it by improving yourself to be a better person and always remember Allah and our beloved parents to remind us the responsibility as a loyal servant and a succesful student..Wassalam..

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