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Thursday, August 21, 2008

mid sem break..

askum once again...

Thanks to God after I've been through this peaceful day..without His blessing, I would not be here to share my personnel life in this blog once again.. luckily, my family and I in the pink of health..alhamdulilah..Now, I am in the middle of mid sem break..hopefully, i will use this golden opprtunity wisely especially to finish up all my asignments and more subjects to be learn before mid sem break ends..oh no!!! Moreover, I will sit for test next week.. wish me gd luck! huhuhuhu... Feeling a litle bit lazy today.. after sending my laptop to workshop, I realised how empty my life without my beloved, precious laptop..hahahaha..funny is it? well, after all, I bought it with my own money (little bit contribution by my father,thank god!)after all the suffering collecting enough money, finally I can afford to buy my own laptop..

okAY..ENOUGH BOUT MY LAPTOP..now, we talking bout my trip to Mersing last Sunday.. I got to visit my cousin wedding with girl from kelantan(so many of my relatives married with kelantanese lady!) heheheh.. thank god, after 3 hours journey which is the most exhausting event this week, finally I had a chance to visit Pantai Air Papan.. the sea was crystal clear with magnificent scenery.. How I wish to live near beach so much!..just my little dream..hehe..besides that, my mother bought us 'keropok lekor' as souvenir or 'ole2'.. however, there was a heavy rain on our journey back to Batu Pahat..once again, I rather have my sleep than doing nothing along the journey..

till now..need to rest after all the hardwork I've been through all day..hehe..just now, I remembered that my old friend, siti Zulaikha is celebrating her birthday to 19 years old..hope that she fine and having a great day in he life. so, gd nite..Wassalam..

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