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Monday, November 17, 2008

One day trip at Malacca

Asslamualaikum w.b.t.h. to all of you..

Today entry, I will highlighting on my trip at Malacca the Heritage City after my final exams Semester 1 on the last day which was MGT 417 (12 Nov 2008). We planned it to go to Malacca famous places amongst visitors.. So, on 13hb Nov 2008, we took a bus from our hostel at Taman Bertam Perdana, Pulau Gadong at nearly 2pm. Although the weather was pretty cloudy (almost to rain) but we all are very excited to go for a trip. This was due to our last trip before the breaks take over after the examination. While waiting for the bus and cab for Ain Md Noor(she planned to go home that day), my roommates and I took chance to snap a photo together as member of C 2-13, Anjung 4..huhu..

So, we divided into 2 groups; Syaza and I took Uitm Bus to meet Syaza’s uncle at KBM while Ain Md Noor, Aqilah, Fathiyah and Ain Karim went to Malacca Central to send Ain Md Noor’s luggage and also meeting her bf. Luckily, Syaza’s uncle were kindly to send both me and Syaza to Dataran Pahlawan. We all planned to meet there after all the matter was done. Alhamdullilah, thanks to God because I can save my money..hmmm.. so lucky.. While waiting for them, Syaza and I hang out at Dataran Pahlawan’s fish pond.. We were mesmerized by the sizes and colours of the kaps fish(if I’m not mistaken!).. After we had some papa roti with tapioca for almost 2 hours at fish pond, Ain Md Noor and her bf went back to MC due to their bus ride at 6pm while Ain Karim and Aqila insisted on shopping. Instead, Fathiyah, Syaza and I rather went to K-Box or Karaoke than went to shopping with them (actually I’m not really interested to go for karaoke, but why not?) just give it a try.. hehehe

beautiful kap fishes

karaoke time!

my roomates and I

At K-box, we sang for almost 15 songs until we got a sore throat..huhu.. Tia said that this activities could release our tension..hmmm.. I guess so.. Then,
we all went to visit must-go shopping mall, Mahkota Parade or we like to call it as MP.. There, we had dinner.. Alhamdullilah, today was my lucky day.. One of the booth offered 2 sizzling mee and free 1..so, Qila, Tia and I took this opportunity..hehe.. save my money again..

After that, we straightly headed to Menara Taming Sari on foot..Although it was raining, our excitement did matter after all..It costs us RM10 for adult.. wuu so expensive, well it worth ! Really.. the scenery was spectacular, amazing in night mode.. I should came again with my parents again if I had the chance. InsyaAllah..

qila n me

night view

Curi2 amik gambo

That nigt, we also visited Jonker Walk, Museum Malacca(actually just passed by.he2..and it already closed), Sungai Malacca, and our last place was Eyes on Malacca near our city campus..all this by foot..so tired but still we all got the chance to watched Malacca in night view.. There, I took chance to ride the pirate ship..(swing like 'buaian') felt very dizzy after that.. However, after all it was fun! Hope to visit this place again. Insyaallah..

In front of Museum Malacca

Rilex jap

Eyes of Malacca

We reached hostel safe and sound at nearly 11 pm by cab.. fuh, luckily, the security guard did not notice us.. ngeh2.. Although this was an exhausted trip, but these experience will remain in our deepest memories forever.. loves my roomates..
See you all in the next sem..InsyaAllah..

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