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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Beginning

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Today was my first day for my class this second semester.. Well, it quite boring because the lecturers only did a brief introduction regarding on related subject matters.. wuwuwu..so, no lectures today.. My 'beloved' class was called BBAM 2A.. In addition, my city campus also welcoming the new students of Disember intake for this Disember 2008 -April 2009.. All the best to all of you!

Things To Do :

1. Stay focus in the class (try not sleeping in the class..he3, usually does)
2. Be more concentrate in lecturer’s word during the class
3. Always recite Al-Quran everyday (insyaAllah, try my best)
4. Hardworking and seek lecturers everyday
5. Call parents at least once a week
6. Fasting during Monday and Thursday (hope so!)
7. Do a lot of revision; before and after the class session
8. Eat healthy food, keep healthy everyday
9. Beware of money spending

My Subjects for this 2nd Semester :

1) Third language
2) Co-curriculum 2
3) Islamic and Asian Civilisation
4) Financial Management
5) Principle & Practice of Marketing
6) Principle & Practice of Management
7) Quantitative for Buss Analysis
8) Personal Development
9) Introduction to International Business

Besides that, I was told by the seniors that Semester 2 are going to be tough.. Hmm, needs a lot of preparation.. more calculation and reading as well for this sem.. So, I need to work hard to achieve an excellent result.. Pray for me ok.. Amin.

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