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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Welcome 2009!

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Asslamualaikum to all viewers..

Tonight only simple post entry due to my sleepy eyes.. it was troubling me to jot down too long post..ngeh2.. Anyway, the year of 2008 was end already according to the Gregorian calendar and year of 2009 has arrived. . Happy New Year 2009 everyone!

I'm sure every part around the world were having a festive night to celebrate this coming year.. Only prayer to Allah that I could perform..Alhamdullilah.. Hopefully, this new year will bring more prosperity and peaceful to everyone.. God's will (InsyaAllah)..T_T

Besides that, Alhamdulilah because I'm so glad that God had given me chance to endure and went through the year of 2008 without any difficulthy and hardness.. Compared to different part of the world.. I'm still glad that I lived in Malaysia for 19 years old..hehe..oh ya, this year, I will turn into 20s..OMG! If you ask me, turning 20s are like turning into a huge part of my life..Hmm, gonna miss my teenage ages somehow.. Well, times goes very fast without you even realize it.. All memories will be remain in the bottom of my heart forever.. T_T


tia said...

ijan dah amik tempat aku namun sudikah dikau menagmbil tempat beta yang takut tua ini..????neway friend, i wish you happy new year..wish you always in a good mood and success..

pudding pie said...

Thanks tia..
hehe.. tua itu kan pasti..
just enjoy the life while we can..

wish u Happy new Year 2009 too!


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