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Monday, December 29, 2008

My Beloved Batu Pahat


My City Trademark

Well, today was my last day at my hometown..huhu.. Before starting a new semester at Uitm City Campus. After went through for almost a months at Batu Pahat,the city of Penggaram. Finally I’m gonna miss my life here.. People say, ‘Baiti Jannati’ hehe..

From beginning, I felt so damn bored here without nothing to do much.. Until I got job again as a cashier there at Pacific for almost 3 weeks.. Spending time with my friends, laughing and joyful we had been together.. Only God knows.. I wonder when I will get to meet my friends and rebuild the spirit we once shared after living Pacific..Maybe next year..Ahhh, already started to miss them damn much..wuwuwu..

Finally, my new semester will start..Still, no mood in the air.. Hmmm, don’t want to go back.. Well, Norizan, your responsibility still waiting for you there.. Aja-aja fighting! All I can ever promise that I will try my best after this with God’s willing and His blessings..Amin.. Bye-bye Bee Pee!

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