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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hang Ribbons for Curtains

Askum everyone,

Hope everyone in a great condition right now on this hot Sunday..


Ok, this week I want to share these stunning creation from this LINK.. A hAndmade cuRtAin made from coLouRful ribbOns suitable for personal room Or those who wish to try out new idea instead of bOredoM, oLd-fAshionEd cUrtaIn at home..

Something that you must check out! Aheksss..

p/s: Too tired after evening outing..enjoy the pictures!


eternity puthree said...

i like it!

'aqila said...

cantik nyer...teringat yg kite g beli bakul tuh...cub-cun tu die nyer gantong2..(xtau name)

~~Noli said...

wahh ..santikk.. ;)

saiful said...

my favourite colour..
love it..

3p4h said...

Wah smart gak nih... T sem dpn nk buat camni la.. Jimat skit =)

TQvm kongsi bnda ni!

pudding pie said...

to eternity puthree,
me too.hehe..

to aqila,
haah, ltk ribbon sbg alternatif pun ok kot, murah lg jimat!

to noli,
a big clap to the owner..
spe ntah..huhu

to saiful,
mee too..ske biru!

pudding pie said...

to 3p4h,

haah, mmg kreatif!!
aik, langsir blek kne support sendiri ke?
sampai nk jimat?? hehe

milimilo said...

beautiful ;)

~FaRiDzUl LaILy FuDzALi~ said...

aku ske ar ijan..comel


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