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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Malay Movie

Askum w.b.t.h.

Hopefully UOL have a great weekends to spend with..

As I mentioned before, I got ended myself at Bandar Penggaram a.k.a. Batu Pahat yesterday.. So, today I met my friends ~ Dilla with her bf, Amir, and Azwin (luckily she there for me, thank God!) dun want to be left alone like before..

We went to Summit Parade this time.. For all shopping complex at BP, I rather chose Summit Parade.. dunno why..hehe..We decided to watch Surga Cinta movie.. But first I warn you, dun judge the movie before you got yourself watching this movie..

I usually don't watch Malay movie especially this year - busy..busy..busy lately. So, after many comments and reviews I've heard so far, we bought the tickets..

So, basically the sinopsis, Syurga Cinta is about the love between two people with different ideologies, a Muslim boy named Irham (Awal Ashaari ) who lives a very modern, Western lifestyle, and a Muslim girl named Syuhadah (Heliza AF5) who faithfully follows the teachings of Islam in our modern society. When their two worlds collide, they face issues and confrontations that both of them have yet to learn and understand from each other.

Although this film's plot just same like Indonesia's film Kiamat Nak Dekat (I guess the title?) but it still have Malaysian touch by Ahmad Idham.. hehe.. funny, touch, sad but at the same time you got the message.. Love this film so much!!!

Rarely Islamic film in Malaysia hv been made, I do support this kind of film.. Got tired of all inconvenient malay films nowadays.. Islam after all is our basic of life..

My favourite scenes in this movie:

~Haziq's antics throughout the movie..so hilarious!!

~Mustapha Kamal justifying their good deeds to his wife, "Confirm tak masuk neraka!" just because they did so many good things in life like donating to the poor (even though they did not pray at all) Astaga..

~Awal's reaction as Cikgu Syuhada's grandfather asked him to be the imam for Asar prayers. He panicked because he didn't know how to perform it! And Haziq saved him by telling Cikgu Syuhada's grandfather by saying that it would be better for Cikgu Syuhada's grandfather to be the imam because he greatly resembled his late grandfather..(something like that!)

Info based from

p/s: Heliza cute la..so petite..Love Mohram bamboo flute song too!!


3p4h said...

Huaaa... Nk kne tgk ni!!!

kambenggurun said...

nnti ar aku beli cd pirate..
aku tgk.

pudding pie said...

to 3p4h,
baguih, support film m'sia..
ngeh2..jgn tak tgk..
hehe =P

to chika,
aku dah agak dah ko akn ckp camtu..hehe
kalo x gi tgk wyg, mesti r bli pirate punyer kan..kan..


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