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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Note: Farewell Time ^^~

Wow, it's been ages since I wrote in this blog.. ^0^ duibuqi nimen..

I'm in the mood of writing in English again after my English class ended last year. Well, along with BM posts as I will NEVER EVER leave my Bahasa Malaysia, my proud language. Yeah, we're talking about my graduation. I'm officially unemployed!  heh. =) No, it's not okay since I'm going to be adult in real, incase you know what I mean when I said adult rite?. So, yes I admit that I'm not happy with that statement. I'm still missing my Uni days in Uitm. I love hang out with my friends, I love attending class & doing my presentation & tests, mingling & fooling around sort of. Well, it's student life we're talking about! Who wan't it real bad? Raise your eyebrow? HAHAHA  bla. bla bla.. okay stop my rant*.

Now, I'm finished my internship at The Katerina Hotel a few weeks back.  I also done with my VIVA presentation and report. Phew, that was totally HELL weeks for me! I'm not doing it again for now unless I continue again with my Master. I'm planning to take my master maybe after I'm working. Well, we need money for that and I'm need to pay my PTPTN. Huh, still regret not applying scholarship. Damn for you, ijan! *mouth pouting* 

During my last internship, I had a great time with my colleagues, En Hamdan, En Khairul, En Iskandar, Ms Pei Lin, Syera, and Awida etc. So many friends I've made there during my 4 months and half. Definitely gonna miss them! Saranghaeyo! @_@ SO, my farewell party as my last day internship was 11 April 2011, we decided to make it at Dreamworld Family Karaoke (forgot the name place!). We sang and ate at Ceria Maju in Peserai in the middle of night! around 12.30am I think. It's so late that my father ends up calling me a few times. Hahahahaha but we have a great time, chatting and laughing together. ^^~

Miss this space..

my 2 executives.. 

 my beloved friends, Awida & Syera

My internship time was finally over. It was sweet, tough and full of memories! ^^~

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Azuan said...

aku dah lepas dah farewell..tapi x habis lagi praktikal...rabu depan baru habis..hehee


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